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unique stock production elements and resources for motion graphics, film, video, vfx and design professionals


Meet our fastest growing set - Foreground Foliage Plates
Autumn colours are arriving at Pond5!

We get it.

We know that finding a must-have design component or clip is neither fast nor easy when it's floating in a vast sea of irrelevant and/or poorly executed material. And constructing one from scratch rarely takes just a few minutes. When that happens, momentum is lost and both creativity and productivity can suffer.

AREA 6 was created to make available an exclusive collection of unique, useful, time-saving resources that only a professional could want or need.

Our design and compositing elements are carefully and properly prepared for HD/2K/UHD/4K workspaces. Our footage clips are extra long to accommodate retiming and parallel edits. We constantly look for ways to make them as flexible as possible and we research subject matter to ensure authenticity.

Since 2004, our precision production elements and CGI clips have been used by major studios, networks, ad agencies and independent producers around the world, and can be seen in countless feature films, documentaries, television programs, ads, games and music videos.

Presized, drag-and-drop scanline effect overlays for motion graphics, film and videoStock vector art and elements prepared for motion graphics, vfx and video productionDrag-and-drop precision grid overlays that work work in all versions of all appsSuperstorms. Habitat loss. Weather shifts. Global warming. Climate change animation stock footage in HD-4KMatched, modular, looping, circular tracking shots and plates in HD-4KUnique and sublime earth orbit flyovers in HD-4K


Foreground Foliage Plates: Autumn colours are here!
Aerial Surveillance: a new six-panel playback screen series
ISS: long shots (flybys, shuttle docking/undocking), 3D schematic
FUI/playback screens: new visualizations, animated graphs
Moon: mapping, LRO, circular tracking and human activity shots

Safely bombard your on-camera talent with our foreground action platesEasily add production value and depth to outdoor, locked-off shotsRealistic and cinematic, intra-atmospheric travel footageAndroid action sequences with in-file, no-fringe transparency masks for added flexibility and controlCinematic quaility, very high altitude 4K overflight vertical aerial stock footageCinematic quality spacecraft and space exploration stock footage in HD-4KCinematic quality Mars exploration and human colonization actIvity vfx footage HD-4KCinematic quality solar system and planetary exploration footage HD-4KLooping HUDS, GUIS, FUIS and other visual displays in HD-4K for computer playback screens and technical set dressingSeamlessly looping aerial recon/surveillance HD-4K vfx footage